About Me

Hello prospective clients! 


I want to give you a little background on why I'm an excellent choice of therapist for you - whether for sports massage, relaxation or anything in between. I'm a compassionate athlete; I've played numerous sports throughout my life and was the primary caretaker for my mother for years. This juxtaposition of passions has given me a different perspective than most. To learn what you need, I listen to how you are feeling and feel out the limitations of your body, both range of motion and general tension. I can then work with you to achieve your physical goals.


As you can see, I'm very involved with the roller derby community. I am play with the Chicago Outfit, coach the Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby, and am the massage therapist for the Chicago Bruise Brothers. I love being able to bring my passion for atheletics and massage together to benefit both atheletes and spectators alike.